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Power Up
Your Future

Professional success always means that you must know not only who you are, but what others think of you, and then how to navigate these relationships at work.  I can help you navigate all of this.  I am an executive coach who also has a doctorate in psychology, which means that I have the ability to unpack professional challenges in a way that no other executive coach can.

Be Prepared for New Challenges

Perhaps there is a disconnect between how you see yourself and how others see you. It’s hard to get honest feedback from others and to know what areas to improve. Possibly you aren’t progressing fast enough or were overlooked for a strategic position.  Likewise, you may feel you’re positioned well, but want to make sure that you are fully equipped for upcoming challenges.

Learn core competencies of leadership with data driven assessment and coaching that transforms your way of work with actionable steps focused on building business competencies.

Senior Leadership 360 Assessment and Coaching

Determine the direction for the next steps in your career path as a leader in your organization using data driven assessments from both you and your team.

Unlock your leadership potential using data driven Emotional Intelligence assessments to enable you to lead at the forefront of your organization.

Coaching accelerates the performance of key leaders and high potential leaders whom are often a major contributor to the success or failure of a company.

Meet Dr. Mary Danielak

Work with an expert in the field of human behavior, an experienced psychologist, a consultant, and a coach.  Deeply connect with who you are, how you think, your deepest ambitions, your fears, and work/life challenges as we make a road map to power up your future.


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