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Coaching accelerates the performance of key leaders and high potential leaders whom are often a major contributor to the success or failure of a company.  Using research-based data Dr. Danielak helps leaders dig down deep, past your own understanding of yourself to uncover your roadblocks and your possibilities.  Dr. Danielak it is not only an executive coach, but also a psychologist, and an entrepreneur who has experience working in both the corporate world and the clinical world.

From working with organizations in Europe and in the United States, as well as speaking engagements in USA, Switzerland, and France, she is well known in her ability to communicate complex material in a simple, yet understandable and powerful way that can be immediately put to use.


Executives preparing for a new executive role, or a major step up in responsibilities, or who want to hone and develop their own business competencies.

With such broad based experience, your coaching sessions will not be filled with clichés, nor the current vogue terms in executive development, but will be collaborative and highly focused on the best methods and applications specific to you.

You are the expert regarding your career and development needs.  Working in collaboration with you, we will uncover your hidden assets and improve your derailers.  Understanding your perceptions, attitudes, values, beliefs, and experience are critical to developing business competencies.  Observations on the job, as well as feedback on the job, can help dial-in the coaching process.

Best Suited For


Future Leaders

Aspiring, high performing, fast tracked individuals can benefit as they’re the future leaders of an organization.

Outstanding leadership is often the difference between success and failure

How it Works

Meet and Greet

Coaching engagements begin with a discussion of the goals and needs of the coaching client, followed by a development plan for implementation, which may include meeting other key players in the leaders work.

Working Together

Together we address specific tasks and problems to be solved in both the near-term and the long-term, as well as address larger job related issues as well as career goals and aspirations.

Ongoing Support

Coaching engagements usually last between 6 to 12 months with meetings held on a monthly basis at a minimum however, bimonthly is more common for quicker results. Ongoing support is ever present through phone and email.

Executive Coaching


Connect with Me

Let's get started on your transformation today!

It is through this partnership that powerful, inspirational leadership flourishes.

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