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This analysis provides a normative comparison of results with other successful managers. Managers can identify personal areas that need strengthening and then instantly pursue effective strategies based on work experiences well as confront possible career-stalling problems.

The purpose of this research-based assessment is to measure leadership behaviors and competencies needed for senior leaders and managers.  Getting input from other people in the organization is vital for the candidate to understand themselves as others see them.  Self-report is much less dynamic than a scientific research-based 360 assessment which compares the candidate to very top-level leaders.

High Potential Individuals


Leading the Organization

1. Strategic perspective 

2. Being a quick study

3. Decisiveness

4. Change management

Dr. Danielak has chosen to use Center for Creative Leadership®, Benchmarks® for Managers™ due to her commitment to only utilize highly researched and scientifically based assessment tools. CCL has again been chosen a top provider of leadership assessments by “Training Industry” based on more than 50 years of scientific research with one of the world’s largest leadership assessment bases.

Best Suited For


High-Performing Middle-to Upper-Level Managers

Leading Others

5. Leading employees

6. Confronting Problem Employees

7. Participative Management

8. Building Collaborative Relationships

9. Compassion and Sensitivity

10.  Putting People at Ease

11.  Respect for Differences

Leading Yourself

12.  Taking Initiative

13.  Composure

14.  Work/Life Balance

15.  Self-Awareness

16.  Career management

Problems that Stall a Career

1. Problems with interpersonal relationships  
2. Difficulty building and leading a team
3. Difficulty changing or adapting
4. Failure to meet business objectives
5. Too narrow a functional orientation

This in-depth analysis of observable behaviors provides managers with a solid assessment of their leadership competencies, based on research of how successful managers develop, and why they derail.

CCL’s Benchmarks for Managers measures 16 business competencies needed to be an effective manager, as well as 5 derailment factors.  This sophisticated tool provides a research-based normative comparison to thousands of other successful managers in their positions. Results will be presented in a spiral-bound report as well as a workbook which can be used to implement an action plan based on the findings.  In addition, there will be access to a powerful online tool, CCL Compass™ — a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life.  Benchmark for Managers measures 16 competencies as well as 5 derailment factors that fall into the following categories –

How it Works

Meet and Greet

We begin our journey with a kick off meeting to set goals, timeline and determine your needs and hopes for the 360.


We work to gather assessments from you and a selected group of individuals which can include members of the board, leaders, peers, and reports.

Applied Results

After all results are in, I will compile a detailed report. We will review the findings in detail and discuss how to use them in real-life actionable scenarios.


Over the next 6-12 coaching meetings we will use the data that we gathered along with the CCL Compass™, a digital tool, to put a roadmap in place to implement transformation.


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Senior Leadership 360 Assessment and Coaching


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